Contact Form Template

All of our Premium WordPress Themes come with a built-in Contact Form included in a separate page template.

You can easily add the contact form you an existing page:

  1. Create new or open an existing pageRight Column -> Page Attributes -
  2. > Template -> Select ‘Contact Page’Click on ‘Publish’ (or ‘
  3. Update’) button to save the changesNow when you open the Page,
  4. the contact form will be displayed.

Note: When the contact form is filled and submitted, it will send an email to the Admin Email (which is set to Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> Settings -> General -> Email Address).

You can customize the Top Area (where the Google Map is displayed by default) and the Right Sidebar (with the list of Offices and Social Sites):

  1. Navigate to Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> Appearance -> Widgets
  2. Drag Widgets to ‘Contacts Top’ and ‘Contacts Sidebar’ Widget Areas

Note: The widget dragged into the  ‘Contacts Top’ and ‘Contacts Sidebar’ Widget Areas will be displayed instead of the default content. So, if you still want to display social sites into the right widget area, you will have to drag the ‘Social Sites’ to the  ‘Contacts Sidebar’ Widget Area.

You can also add a CAPTCHA to your Contact Form:

  1. Download the Really Simple CAPTCHA PluginSource:
  2. Upload the plugin to Your WordPress site (Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> Plugins -> Add New)
  3. Install and Activate the plugin.